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We created Allsleep for a simple reason: along with obesity, inadequate sleep is one of the most pressing health issues of our time. Not sleeping affects every part of our lives including work, education, relationships, health and our outlook on life.

It seems as if our lives today are built to make sure we don’t get enough sleep. Highly caffeinated drinks are available everywhere, with e-mail, mobile phones and 24×7 television programs there is always something else to do. Sleep has been pushed aside; we are sleeping less and less.

It is estimated that one third of Americans, or 70 million people, have difficulties sleeping. Only 20% of those people are getting treatment and only 25% of those getting treatment say that they are satisfied with their treatment.

The need to better understand how get better sleep is clear. Untreated sleep deprivation, no matter what the cause, has serious implications on our heath and well being. Despite what people say, we cannot learn to function with less sleep than we need.

Allsleep was created to provide clear and understandable information about the important function that sleep plays, solutions for common sleep disorders such as snoring or insomnia, as well as the symptoms, diagnosis and the treatment options for more serious sleep disorders such as sleep apnea and RLS and others.

Our information covers prescription sleep aids and over-the-counter sleeping pills discussed in an honest, unbiased way with the benefits and drawbacks, so that you can decide if sleep medication is right for you.

Improving our sleep has never been more possible than today. Awareness of this issue is increasing and new natural sleep aids, sleep medicine, stop snoring remedies and CPAP equipment are being released every year. Being informed of the treatment options available is essential to improving your sleep.

Allsleep is committed to helping everyone get the sleep they need so that they can live a healthy and productive life.